Board Meeting, questions from the public, 26 November 2020

The following questions were asked of our Board and our visiting speakers.
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The following questions were received and answers supplied after the meeting:

Diane Peacock asked Healthwatch Shropshire:

With regard to CQC’s latest inspection concerns (reported 14.08.20), what evidence does Healthwatch have to indicate that all aspects of end of life care at RSH are now meeting the standards all patients deserve?

Healthwatch Shropshire have received no patient experience about end of life care in RSH since 14 August 2020. We are aware that the CCG is conducting a system wide End of Life Care Review and we have shared our report published January 2020. The CCG will be reporting their findings to the system and Joint Health Overview Scrutiny Committee.

The CQC report (14.08.20) indicated the prediction tools for falls and pressure ulcers should have been replaced with multifactorial assessments for all patients who are 65 and over at RSH. What assurance can Healthwatch provide to reassure the public that training regimes and changes to practice have now improved patient care with regard to the management of falls prevention and pressure ulcers?

Healthwatch Shropshire is a lay organisation and independent of the NHS. We have not received any patient feedback which sheds light on patient care relating to the management of falls prevention and pressure ulcers. If we receive any comments from the public we will share them in the usual way. The CCG and NHSE/I are directly involved in monitoring training regimes and changes to practice.

Diane Peacock asked our guest speakers, the Commissioning Officer Residential and Nursing Care and Commissioning Officer Domiciliary Care from Shropshire Council:

What proportion of the two tranches of ring-fenced [Covid-19] Infection Fund monies were spent on:

a) Additional staffing (nurses or carers) to support residential care homes and domiciliary care providers when managing Covid-19 cases? 

b) Maintaining the normal wages of staff in residential care homes and domiciliary care when needing to self-isolate ?

The second tranche of the fund is only being distributed now (we are still waiting for DHSC to release some of the money to us, we will not be able to report back on the use of this money until the end of the fund period and final reporting in April 2021.

Regarding the first tranche of the fund earlier this year, please follow this link If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see a further link to ‘Local authority spending of the first tranche of the infection control fund’.

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