There are some issues that can’t be fixed by medicine alone

It could be that another form of support is needed. We want to hear the views of people between 16-25 about how alternative forms of support could help young people.

It could be that another form of support is needed. In Shropshire this help is given through ‘Social Prescribing’. The Social Prescriber helps each person to think through what might help them improve their long-term health and well-being. A referral to a voluntary, community and social enterprise group could be made. The social prescriber supports and helps each person review their own progress as they attend the groups. For example, it might help you to lose weight if you go to a walking for health group. The gentle walk might also help you feel less isolated as you get to know everyone and make new friends. So the group helps you improve your long-term well-being.

We are trying to understand how social prescribing might work for people between 16-25 who need it. We have been talking to focus groups who have struggled to name groups or activities in Shropshire that might be of interest and helpful. So we want to hear from as many young people in Shropshire about what activities, clubs, teams and groups they go to. Equally, it will also be useful to hear the reasons if you do not go to groups.

All this information will help Shropshire to continue to development this service.

Plus if you complete the questionnaire, leaving your contact details you will be entered into a prize draw for a £30 voucher.

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