Are you aged 16 to 25?

We would like to know about:

  • your experiences of taking part in activities, clubs, teams and groups in Shropshire and what you get out of them
  • what makes it difficult to go or stops you going to regular organised activities or groups
  • what sort of groups/activities you think would help you

Why do we want to know this?

GPs say many people who go to see them are feeling isolated, lonely, stressed out by school, college, work, money or housing. These issues can’t be fixed by medicine alone so another form of help is needed.

Social prescribing aims to help you take more control over your own health and wellbeing.

Social prescribing often starts with a conversation with a Link Worker (in Shropshire they are sometimes called a Social Prescriber).  They listen to you and help you to think about what support you need to feel better and how to access it.  For example:

  • joining a group (e.g. sports, arts, academic, professional or community group)
  • starting a new wellbeing boosting activity (e.g. a course or learning a new skill)
  • speaking to someone to get information, advice or guidance

So far in Shropshire Social Prescribing has been used to help older adults find non-medical ways of combating loneliness and stress as well as health problems (e.g. being overweight, smoking). Social prescribing has huge potential for young people too. We are trying to understand how Social Prescribing might work for people aged between 16-25.

How will your answers be used?

Your answers will help Healthwatch Shropshire to produce a report to help the people who are designing and planning an all-age Social Prescribing programme. The information you give will be anonymous.

Prize Draw

All those who complete the questionnaire can enter a prize draw for a £30 voucher from either, or love2shop. If you wish to enter please leave your name and email address at the end of the questionnaire.