The Accessible Information Standard gives you the right to be given information and communication support when using health and care services. 

If you have a disability, impairment or sensory loss, or are a parent or carer of someone who does, you should expect:

  • To contact and be contacted by services in ways you find accessible , for example are appointment letters in language you understand or in a print size you can read
  • Services to communicate with you and give you information in a way that you can read and understand. For example, using British Sign Language, large print letters, text, email.  
  • To be supported at appointments if needed. 
  • Health and care services to support you to communicate.

What do health and care organisations have to do?

  • Ask if you have any communication needs and asked how these needs can be met.
  • Record your needs in a clear and set way and highlight these needs in your file or notes so people are aware and know how to meet them.
  • Share information about your communication needs with other providers of NHS and adult social care, when they have consent or permission to do so.
  • Deliver information to you in a way you can access and understand, with the option for communication support if needed.

Research has shown that only a third (35%) of NHS hospital trusts fully meet the standard

In Shropshire none of the hospital trusts fully meet the standard.*

*The Midlands Foundation Partnership Trust (MPFT) who provide Mental Health Services in Shropshire have not responded to the Freedom of Information request.

Information in Easy Read

NHS Accessible Information Standard
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