Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, Clinic 4 (Head & Neck) - Enter & View Report

We wanted to understand the way this combined clinic works (doctors in different specialties work on the same afternoon) to meet the various needs of cancer patients in particular and how the pressures on the clinic impact on patients.


During an engagement event with cancer patients using Clinic 4 at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, some patients told us that they did not feel their voices were being heard and they didn’t know how to give feedback to the hospital about their experiences. At the same event, we learned of a very busy Clinic 4 session when three consultants from different specialties run a combined clinic for patients with cancers of the head and neck.

We arranged for some of our Authorised Representatives to visit a single specialty (Ear, Nose and Throat – ENT) session in Clinic 4 to find out about the clinic and observe the layout, before visiting again on the afternoon of the combined clinic.

Key Findings

  • The waiting area is small for the number of patients who attend the clinic.
  • Two patients told us they did not like to leave the waiting area to get drinks or go to the toilet in case they missed being called.
  • Reception staff did not cover for each other, leaving some patients confused and without information.
  • The consulting rooms are well equipped, but there is no room for privacy or for confidential advice when the clinic is busy.
  • Generally both the quality of information about their condition and the treatment itself were highly rated by patients.
  • Patients praised the support offered by volunteers for people attending audiology.

Full Report

More information about the Enter & View scheme can be found here.

Please note the findings of this report reflect what we found on the day of our visit and services may change over time. More information about this service can be found on the Care Quality Commission website and the hospital website.

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