Shaping Places for Healthier Lives: solving food insecurity in south west Shropshire

We are calling for organisations and individuals to share their insights and experiences of food insecurity in south west Shropshire.
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Food insecurity is when you do not have enough affordable and nutritious food to help you live healthily. We know that some people in rural communities can face additional challenges in getting food locally and need to travel to shop. This adds to any financial difficulties they may already experience as a result of lower wages and higher energy bills.

The Shaping Places project aims to understand the reasons behind food insecurity, and your evidence may help to secure additional funding over the next three years to deliver programmes to relieve food poverty in south west Shropshire.


How can I help?

  • Complete our online survey for organisations
  • If you have lived experience of food insecurity, complete a survey
  • Or you may find it easier to chat through your experiences with us. Please call 07813 458955 to arrange a time
  • Sign up for a Zoom discussion on ‘solving food insecurity in south west Shropshire’.
  • Share this information with anyone interested in improving access to healthy, affordable food in Shropshire, such as colleagues, friends, family and community groups in south west Shropshire.

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