The Big 6

A set of easy-to-understand advice sheets on ‘The Big 6’ childhood illnesses have been created for parents and carers to give guidance on what action to take if a child is ill.

The Big 6 initiative to help parents and carers tackle the most common childhood illnesses has been launched by Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

The advice sheets feature the most common illnesses in children aged 0-16 and cover: 

  • Bronchiolitis/Croup
  • Fever/Sepsis
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Head injury
  • Wheezy child/Asthma
  • Abdominal Pain

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Do you want to know more about these illnesses and what you can do if your child has one? Go to the CCGs website.

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