Healthwatch Shropshire's IHCAS service can: 

  • Give you enough information and advice so you can pursue a complaint by yourself 
  • Offer you the support of an Independent Health Complaints Advocate who can help you to make your complaint and support you through the process
  • Listen to your concerns and help you to collect together all the relevant issues and facts you need to highlight as part of your concerns 
  • Write letters to the right people 
  • Monitor the progress of your complaint with the organisation responsible and keep you updated
  • Signpost you to the right organisation if we think we are not the right organisation 

Healthwatch Shropshire's IHCAS service cannot:

  • Make or process a complaint for you
  • Support you to make a complaint about a social care service. Information about to do this can be found here.

Please find links below to Healthwatch Shropshire's Health Complaints 'Self Help' pack of documents so you can understand how to make a complaint about NHS services.  

If you would like paper copies of the documents, please contact the office.