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Your spotlight on local services

Press releases


08/03/18: Choosing Care is one of life’s most stressful decisions
02/02/18: Equipment Services Hot Topic
26/01/18: Consumer champion for Health & Social Care set to continue


28/12/17: Healthwatch Shropshire January 2018 Hot Topic: #SpeakUp
03/11/17: Healthwatch Shropshire November / December Hot Topic: Podiatry
31/10/17: Painful Journeys
25/08/17: Healthwatch Shropshire September / October Hot Topic: Neurology
24/08/17: NHS health app library
10/08/17: Life in a care home
03/07/17: Shropshire patients helping to heal the NHS
22/05/17: Have you had experience of NHS Mental Health Services in Shropshire
04/04/17: HWS urges people to speak out over the future of health services
20/03/17: HWS supports 'Experience of Care' Week
09/03/17: What are your experiences of NHS Dental Services in Shropshire?
09/01/17: What are your experiences of Home Care Services in Shropshire?
05/01/17: Launch of the 2017 HWS Research Grants
06/01/17: Try something new in 2017: Volunteer & Board member recruitment


20/12/2016: Winter is coming: What are the alternatives to using A&E?
26/11/2016 Visitors to care homes
24/11/2016 CQC to inspect SaTH: We want your comments
24/10/2016 Healthwatch Shropshire October Hot Topic: End of Life Care
06/10/2016 HWS Annual Even 2016
30/09/2016 Call for applications to HWS 2016-17 Reasearch Grant Fund
09/09/2016 Healthwatch Shropshire September Hot Topic: Have you used an optician or ophthalmology services in the county?
22/08/2016 Healthwatch Shropshire have recruited a new Chair
05/08/2016 Healthwatch Shropshire August Hot Topic: Accessing & using physiotherapy services in the county
06/07/2016 Healthwatch Shropshire July Hot Topic: Do you care for a friend or loved one in Shropshire?
06/06/2016 Healthwatch Shropshire June Hot Topic: Accessing and using Ambulance Services in the County
09/05/2016 Healthwatch Shropshire May Hot Topic: Accessing and using Dementia Services in the County
13/04/2016: Healthwatch Shropshire April Hot Topic: opportunity to speak about Shropshire Stroke services
24/03/2016: Healthwatch Shropshire to provide support for Health Complaints
09/03/2016: Healthwatch Shropshire have recruited three new Board Members
03/03/2016 Healthwatch Shropshire March Hot Topic: Accessing and using pharmacies
27/01/2016 Healthwatch Shropshire are recruiting for Volunteers and Board Members
27/01/2016 Final Call for applications to Healthwatch Shropshire's 2015-16 Research Grant fund
07/01/2016 Healthwatch Shropshire's January Hot topic: Social Care 


21/10/2015 Healthwatch Shropshire responds to Shropshire Counils response regarding NHS FutureFit delay 
06/10/2015 Healthwatch Shropshire celebrates 2 year contract extension
05/10/2015 Healthwatch Shropshire's response to NHS FutureFit delay 
01/10/2015 Healthwatch Shropshire October Hot Topic: Living with Diabetes? 
01/09/2015 Have you had experience of orthopaedic services in Shropshire?
01/06/2015 Have you had experience of NHS dental services in Shropshire?
28/05/2015 Volunteers making a difference to Health & Social Care services
26/05/2015 Funding available for voluntary and community sector research
21/05/2015 Action taken on health and social care concerns
20/05/2015 Have you had experiences of dementia services in Shropshire?
18/05/2015 Drop-in to talk about health and social care
27/04/2015 Opportunity to talk about experience of mental health services
31/03/2015 Make a difference to Health & Social Care services
16/03/2015 Healthwatch Shropshire research grants awarded
02/02/2015 Drop-in to talk about health and social care
21/01/2015 Public opportunity to respond to Shropshire hospitals report
21/01/2015 Managing chronic pain event


16/01/2014 Patients report good experiences of pilot discharge support service
04/12/2014 Action taken on health & social care concerns
05/11/2014 Drop-in provides opportunity to talk about health & social care
04/11/2014 Shropshire health & social care bosses questioned
10/10/2014 Funding available for voluntary and community sector research
19/09/2014 Report into reasons for A&E attendance
12/09/2014 Opportunity to ask questions about health and social care in Shropshire (Annual Event)
05/09/2014 Board Meeting in Public
13/08/2014 Healthwatch in Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin commit to working closely
09/08/2014 Healthwatch Shropshire Urges Public to Speak Out over Hospital Services
04/08/2014 New agreement for health bodies welcomed
31/07/2014 Healthwatch Shropshire Launches Questionnaire on Mental Health Services 
03/07/2014 Shropshire Health Champion Celebrates its First Birthday

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