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Your spotlight on local services

Pick up the phone - you are not alone


The results of an individual making an attempt to take their own life are wide reaching. It is our collective responsibility to do what we can in order provide the support that people need to reduce self-harm and suicide attempts. Suicide affects all types of people and communities and is linked to a wide variety of factors including depression, alcohol and drug misuse, unemployment, family and relationship problems, social isolation and loneliness.
However, suicide is preventable and should be everybody’s business.
To help raise awareness of the range of support available, a new Suicide Prevention Zcard designed by the Shropshire and Telford Suicide Prevention Network (with representation from across health, social care, emergency and blue light services, voluntary services, experts by experience amongst others).

The Zcard provides;

  • Brief advice and guidance on how to address concerns
  • Contacts for a confidential, listening ear
  • Primary contacts to seek immediate appropriate support 

The card is small enough to be easily carried in a wallet, purse or pocket so as to be used as reference whenever needed.



         01743 237884


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