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Your spotlight on local services

Keele University Student Reports

The medical students with us in 2018 carried out an analysis of the awareness and attitudes towards the complaints procedures in local general practices in Shrewsbury, from the perception of patients and staff members. The aim was to explore people’s experiences of providing feedback on and making a complaint about health and social care services. To read the report click here.

In 2017 medical students carried out an analysis of the implementation of the NHS Accessible Information Standard. The aim was to gather the views of local residents with special communication needs and make recommendations about how services could better meet their health needs by following the Standard. To read the report click here.

In 2015 medical students at the University of Keele carried out a project on behalf of Healthwatch Shropshire to investigate GPs views about dementia pathways. The aim was to use these findings to shape the new Dementia Strategy Action Plan for Shropshire, alongside those of other organisations, healthcare professionals and people living with dementia and their carers. To read the report click here.